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2016 : A far-Est light : a photographical documentary about travels and photography


2011 : A Tokyo day  a documentary about Tokyo city (19 min)

2011: Do you remember me? narrative experimental short film in Taiwan (8 min)

2008 : Hirado, the island of the barbarians  film portrait of a japanese island (20min)

2007 : My grand mothers  film portraits of my grand-mothers (26 min)

2004 : A square view poetical documentary about an urban downtown square (11 min)

2003 : Regarding the night  experimental and poetical short film (3 min)


Benjamin Genissel  is a photographer and a filmmaker who works and lives in Paris, France.

His films and also the reportages about his photographical exhibitions are at this web page


Benjamin Genissel writes articles and texts about non-fiction films. These ones in french only are here

He wrote a book about Louis Malle's Phantom India here.



Japan, as a passer-by

March 2008 : University Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris)

June 2008 : Galery of MIE (Paris)

July 2008 : LUX Movie theater (Caen)

March 2009 : Censier cultural center (Paris)

April 2009 : Louis Lumiere cultural center (Paris)

September 2009: Hattori japanese cultural center (Paris)

May 2010 : La petite Rockette galery (Paris)

March 2012 : Bergerac public library (Neuilly sur seine)


ASIA/ Instants

September 2009 : LUX movie theater (Normandy)

June 2017 : Edmond Rostand public library (Paris)

January 2018 : CoopArtists pop-up store (Paris)


The random color (part 1)

September 2009: LUX movie theater (Normandy)

October 2009: Censier cultural center (Paris)

November 2009: Amandiers cultural center (Paris)

January 2010 : 5 Caumartin movies theater (Paris)

October 2010: Place des fêtes cultural center (Paris)

September 2012 : Le Reflet coffee shop (Paris)


Calcutta express

January 2011 : La Grange aux belles cultural center (Paris)

February 2011 : Côté Canal coffee shop (Paris)

September 2011 : Louis Lumière cultural center (Paris)

January 2012 : Angèle Mercier cultural center (Paris)

October 2013 : La plume vagabonde book store (Paris)

December 2014/january 2015 : Impressions galery (Paris)

February 2015 : FGO Barbara musical center (Paris)

June 2016 : City hall district 20 (Paris)

March 2017 : Impressions galery (Paris)


Landscapes of the Soul and the World (with the poet Norman Warnberg)

February 2011 : Romilly sur Andelles public library (Normandy)

March 2011 : Marcilly sur Eure public library (Normandy)


Love and cities : a loving exploration of Taipei and Tokyo

March/ April 2011 : La Grange aux belles cultural center (Paris)

October 2011 : Lux movies theater (Caen)

November 2011 : Deli parisian coffee shop (Paris)

November 2012 : FGO Barbara musical center (Paris)


The Quebec Correspondence

September 2012 : On the web site Le Blog documentaire


Dakar street

March 2012 : Kadjinol station restaurant (Dakar, Senegal)

Junuary 2013 : Angèle Mercier cultural center (Paris)

February 2013 : Lux movies theater (Caen)

September 2013 : FGO Barbara musical center (Paris)


Here and there (Tunisia)

October 2015 : La piscine saint-louis restaurant (Paris)


The random color (part 2)

February 2016 : La boule noire concert hall (Paris)

March 2016 : city hall district 10 (Paris)

February/March 2017 : Lux movies theater (Caen)

Fluvial Utopia (collective exhibition with BARGE! art agency)

April 2017 : MuseoSeine museum (Normandy)

June 2017 : A Nanterre's parc

October 2017 : concert cityhall Tetris (Normandy)

October 2018 : Fine art school ENSA-V Marechalerie (Versailles)

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